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Supporting education is an investment in the future, and the Anthony V. Spano Foundation has many opportunities where you can make a difference. By starting your own scholarship fund, you are directly impacting students as they seek to achieve their academic dreams.

Scholarship funds can be customized to support an area of study, particular school, recipient profiles and a host of other criteria to meet your intent. In addition, a scholarship fund is a wonderful way to honor a loved one. We handle the administration of the fund, including application and selection processes. With as much or as little donor involvement as desired.

Endowing a scholarship through the Anthony V. Spano Foundation provides a student each year the opportunity to get a college education to better their futures. This gift not only has a current impact on a student but provides students year after year in perpetuity with monies to offset their tuition. Colleges and Universities does not want its students to graduate with major loans to be paid. The Spano Foundation scholarship endowments will allow students to graduate with little or no debt.

The Spano Foundation scholarship endowments enable colleges and universities to recruit and retain students from the region, the entire United States, and the world. Because the criteria for a student to receive a scholarship is designed by the donor, students with diverse goals and backgrounds are and can be awarded scholarships.

Named Scholarship Funds

  • Start your own scholarship fund with a gift of $10,000 or more. Or “save up” for one over five years by starting a Build A Fund with a minimum of $500.
  • Establish preferences to determine who is eligible or leave it to us to determine where your award will fill the greatest need and make the most
  • Rely on our expertise to handle all of the details! Students complete one online application to be in the running for all of our scholarships. Internal review helps us match students with available awards. Finally, we make payments directly to the college or institution and monitor student.

More ways to support education

Teacher mini-grants, education or athletic foundations, early education initiatives, adult literacy…there are countless ways to expand the learning opportunities in our community. We are here to help you have the impact you desire! For more information, please contact us at