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The Spano Foundation is a dynamic collection of individuals, families and organizations who want to see the region & the world to thrive and grow for generations to come. The Spano Foundation is a dynamic collection of individuals, families and organizations designed to provide resources and opportunities to help the region and world provide valuable assistance by matching donors with impactful ways to make a difference or establishing new funds to satisfy the growing needs of children in our world.

Our Foundation is dedicated to making giving easy, efficient and meaningful. Whether you are looking to volunteer or make a charitable gift, we have the knowledge and tools to ensure you get the most of your giving experience.

Our Foundation is committed to improving our region through charity and volunteerism. With the Spano Foundation, you will find that we have the tools and resources necessary to aid you in your philanthropic journey, whether that be through charitable donations and long-term funds or volunteering your own time and resources.

Why Work With US?

Personal Service
Our team believes in a customized, personal approach for each and every donor. We will match you with the perfect initiative based on your specific position and cause. One size does not fit all, and we will make sure the initiative is a perfect fit for you.

Local Expertise
Think of us as your local giving experts. We have a deep understanding of the issues, opportunities, and initiatives shaping our region. By sharing our insights and research, we can help you make informed giving decisions and explore new possibilities for making a positive impact.

A Team of Givers
When you come on board with the Spano Foundation, you’ll be matched with a team of individuals and organizations with the same goal as you: making our community better. The Spano Foundation unites people, building a team committed to addressing the issues in our region. Through these connections, you’ll be given the tools, resources, and advice needed to make a difference.

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