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This is a general information form for an individual/group that is looking to work with the Spano Foundation.
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  • You may personalize your fund name. Grants to charities are accompanied by a letter that includes your fund name, unless anonymity is specified.
    This is giving vehicle provides donors with great flexibility and immediate tax benefits and allows you to support the charities of your choice through grant recommendations on your own timetable.
    Enables you to support specific organizations through regular grants without having to perform recommendations manually.
    You can support students of any age, background or education level by selecting from different fund options to design your own scholarship criteria and overall level of involvement.
    Field of interest funds focus your giving on a particular area of interest like education or health care or a specific geographic area.
    Unrestricted gifts to an Endowment address a broad range of community needs – even those that cannot be anticipated at the time of the gift.
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  • Tip: Spano Foundation reviews all proposed contributions before accepting them. Contributions are irrevocable upon acceptance by the Spano Foundation.
  • Questions? Let us help. Contact Anthony Spano, 234.254.2831.
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