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Our Partners

Together, we do more good.

We are proud to be a place where people can come together to create positive change for our community. As your Foundation, we connect and support our partners and champion efforts that will make our community stronger.

We rely on the people and organizations who know our community best by listening to their needs and stories to understand what is truly needed. We look to study trends, measure progress, and learn from past mistakes.

We aim to do better every day for our community and for our partners. Years of guiding philanthropy in our community, we are more clear than ever that we can do more together than we can do alone. Thank you to these change makers who make our work possible.

Donors and Volunteers

Last year, the Spano Foundation received thousands of dollars in gifts and made local volunteer connections. We work with individuals (and their professional advisors) to identify their passions and make sure their money and time are invested wisely.

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Nonprofit Organizations

To address our community’s challenges effectively, we must have a strong nonprofit sector at the forefront. We want to work alongside community organizations to understand the issues and address existing needs and opportunities in our region. We hope to do this through funding, education, training, volunteer connections, and online resources.

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Community Stakeholders

To launch ideas for our future, we must unite around a common vision. We regularly meet with our community members to share new ideas and innovations, and we want to align resources whenever possible to amplify our impact. We partner with local leaders and businesses to shape initiatives that will help individuals and families thrive. We also welcome the perspectives and involvement of everyday people who live and work here to ensure everyone’s voices are heard.