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Our Mission

The Anthony V. Spano Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and fiscal sponsor whose mission is to positively affect the lives of individuals and/or families in need by providing a healthier, sustainable quality of life and by helping individuals/groups with their philanthropic passions by turning them into an impactful mission.

Our Vision

To provide individuals and/or families in need with the resources necessary to realize a more sustainable life, as well as helping individuals/groups with their philanthropic passions by turning them into an impactful mission.

Our Values

We believe …

  • Every person deserves to live a healthy, sustainable life.
  • That our passion for helping people in need will benefit the entire community.
  • That fulfilling our mission must be done with the highest degree of integrity, honesty, and transparency possible.
  • That by empowering people in need they will achieve a better life.

Our Board of Directors

The Spano Foundation is governed by the dedicated members of our Board of Directors. The Directors are responsible for establishing the policies for grants, financial assistance dollars, and donations consistent with the stated purpose for which the Spano Foundation was established. The Fund Committee considers requests for grants from all eligible individuals, families and/or organizations.
Sharon Schroeder
Sharon Schroeder
Chair (2021)
Valerie Harper
Valerie Harper
Secretary (2021)
Jena Baun
Jena Baun
Treasury (2020)
Angela Cameron
Angela Cameron
Board Member (2022)
Anthony Khoury
Board Member (2020)
Carlo Ciccone
Board Member (2020)
Maria Stevens
Maria Stevens
Board Member (2021)
Anthony Spano
Anthony Spano
Founder/Executive Director

Why Support the Foundation

There is an overwhelming need to help people in our community who have few, if any, options to find assistance in attaining the life’s basic needs. The Spano Foundation exists to ensure that individuals and families with these needs receive the financial help necessary to provide food, clothing, shelter or medical attention.

Often, organizations that serve the basic needs of members of the community are themselves in need of financial assistance. They may be underfunded through a lack of donations or grants. The Spano Foundation provides funding for a variety of areas that support so they can continue to fulfill assisting those in direct need.

Get Involved

Philanthropy means “the desire to promote the welfare of others.” We believe anyone with a heart for helping is already a philanthropist. Whether you give of your time, your talent or a generous donation, we believe the power of philanthropy to transform live transforms all of us.  

Program Objectives

  • Addressing a timely community need or opportunity not being addressed by other agencies.
  • Expanding a proven program or project.
  • Increasing cooperation and coordination among program providers.
  • Strengthening the internal capacity of an organization to be more self-sufficient or efficient.
  • Providing resources that will provide an immediate and substantial impact.
  • Fiscal sponsor of funds and programs.